The Interesting Unknown Uses of Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

If you think your Lakeland parking lot paving is simply for customers’ parking and for people to pass through on their way to your store, you are sorely mistaken.

There are other uses for your asphalt pavement and the best thing about it is you can even make a profit from some of these uses! Do not be encumbered by what society dictates—that parking lots are just places where people leave their cars (and even their belongings) behind.

You can turn your parking lots into interesting places where people can gather and bond. This is especially true for parking spaces that are located in small and well-connected communities. You can host a variety of community events such as:

Food parks

Now that it’s almost the holiday season, we’re bound to see a variety of food parks popping out everywhere. Usually, these food parks house a number of booths with different cuisines ranging from American comfort to Asian to the Mediterranean.

There’s always a twist with these cuisines, of course. One cannot simply serve something that’s being served in a local diner. There has to be something special with what the booths are offering.

Carousel and fairs

If you have a significantly large parking lot, you can house a carousel. Kids will love the idea of being able to ride some of the more popular carousel attractions we know.

Think of it as all-state fair. There should be hotdog-eating contests and games that will let you win a big teddy bear.


Again, if you have a large parking lot, you can let concert producers rent it for a variety of acts. We all know about music festivals, right?

We see them all the time on Facebook and there’s bound to be one now that the holiday season is almost upon us. If your pavement can support hundreds of concertgoers, as well as a big stage with massive lights, then you should go ahead and offer your lot for producers to rent.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings

Although there is no shortage of event places in Lakeland, there’s a need for more outdoor locations. With the help of tents and drapes, your parking lot can be turned into a kind of indoor-outdoor event place.

You can rent it out or you can use it yourself to hold your parents’ anniversaries, your sister’s debut, or your brother’s wedding. Even if you don’t want to open up the idea to the public, you can still use it for personal events and occasions.

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