The Importance of Compaction In Plant City Parking Lot Paving

The volume of air in an asphalt pavement is important because it has a profound effect on the performance of the Plant City parking lot paving in the future. The rule of thumb is that for every 1 percent increase in air voids, about 10 percent of the pavement life may be lost.

This rule applies to air voids above the 6-to-7-percent threshold. To be sure of the proper compaction of the pavement, dense graded mixes should not exceed 8 percent nor fall below 3 percent air voids.

High air void content and low air void content will cause pavement distresses such as the following:

Decreased stiffness and strength

The stability of the pavement will decrease and will be reduced when there’s a high air void content in the pavement. It will easily collapse from stresses and pressure and will invalidate the investment that you have made.

Reduced fatigue life

Although it won’t immediately affect the strength and health of the pavement, high air void content will ultimately lead to a fatigue life. This means that though the pavement can last for years (maybe even decades), the years leading to its deterioration will be full of pressure and stress.

Accelerated aging

A Plant City parking lot paving is supposed to last for 20 years or about two decades or so. But if there is a low compaction, the pavement will feel the stress of its daily task.

It will age much rapidly and the effects of aging will be visible on the pavement as early as its fifth year. The proper compaction of the pavement will ensure that it won’t age quickly and it will last for a long time.

Moisture damage

Moisture damage is a major problem when the air voids in insufficiently compacted HMA are high. The interconnected air voids will allow for easy water entry. The entry of water into the layers of the asphalt pavement will lead to the easy deterioration of the parking lot or driveway.

Water can easily weaken the pavement and the asphalt surface may collapse almost rapidly. Even a little moisture between the pavement layers can lead to a collapsed area of the surface.

Air voids that are either too low or too high will weaken the whole structure of the pavement and can significantly reduce the life of the pavement.

When hiring a Plant City parking lot paving contractor, make sure that they will use the proper machinery for compaction. This is an important step to take note of when you want to ensure that your pavement will last for a long time.

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