The Importance of Catch Basin Repair for Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

There are many components that come together to make sure that your Lakeland parking lot paving is working well and is functioning as needed. The actual asphalt itself is simply the surface of your parking lot and only takes up a percentage of the overall function of your pavement.

The foundation of your pavement, the stripes that guide drivers and pedestrians through your pavement, and even the seal coating that protects your pavement, all of these work together to make sure that your parking lot remains as functional as intended.

One of the most important components of any Lakeland parking lot paving is the catch basin. The catch basin is where any water that makes its way on to the surface of your pavement is drained into. A catch basin is usually a large grate that catches large debris like sediment, leaves, and twigs, while the water is filtered safely into a storm drain down below.

This is important because if there is any buildup of water on your parking lot surface, it can eventually break down your pavement surface. If you’ve ever owned an asphalt parking lot pavement, you are probably familiar with the dangers that standing water can pose to your pavement surface. If there are any cracks on your pavement, the water can seep into these cracks and nestle into the foundation of your pavement.

When the colder seasons set in, the water in your pavement can expand and contract, widening the cracks on the pavement surface. After a few seasons, the pavement surface can eventually weaken enough to result in a collapse, forming a pothole.

Having a well-functioning catch basin can help prevent this from happening. However, a lot of people tend to take their catch basins for granted, assuming that it will continue to work as intended without having to worry about it. The truth is, you should always keep your Lakeland parking lot paving catch basin regularly cleaned and maintained if you need it to keep functioning as it’s supposed to.

You should clean it out regularly, removing any traces of debris left behind, as this is the number one cause for catch basin damage and failure. It’s also important to perform regular repairs and maintenance on your catch basin as a damaged catch basin will not work as well as a well-maintained one.

A Lakeland parking lot paving catch basin is something that you don’t want failing on you. It is much better for you to spend on repairs and maintenance compared to having to shell out the cost of a full catch basin repair. Make sure you inspect your pavement’s catch basin regularly to prevent its damage and failure.

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