The Importance of a Catch Basin in a Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Catch basins in Haines City parking lot paving is essential to keep rainwater from pooling on your pavement. Once you noticed that water (from all kinds of sources) is pooling on parts of your pavement, it means that your catch basin may be malfunctioning.

You should definitely take a close look at it and repair or replace the parts that are not working properly. Since it performs one of the most important jobs when it comes to maintaining your parking lot pavement, you cannot neglect the needed repairs and replacements when something is awry with your catch basin.

Even before you notice that there is something wrong with your catch basin, you should keep it well maintained throughout the year. In fact, your catch basin should never malfunction if you are maintaining it well and routinely checking it for clogs and erosion of the pavement around it. Failure to properly maintain your catch basin will lead to a serious trouble in the future… serious and expensive, that is.

When water pools on your pavement, it can cause the aggregate to decompose over time, ultimately leading to minor cracks that will eventually evolve into larger potholes. When the water reaches the surface of the substrate and causes internal erosion, it will weaken the structure of your parking lot.

Literally, the purpose of your catch basin in your Haines City parking lot paving is to prevent this domino effect from happening. The health and the longevity of your parking lot pavement all start with proper routine maintenance tests and keen observations skills.

The main reason why your catch basin may malfunction is clogging. If debris or materials or other things that are not supposed to get through the catch basin’s grate managed to enter the basin, it can clog the entire system.

Even if the grates of your catch basin has been spaced to prevent large debris from getting through, smaller pieces of debris can still make their way into the grate and build up over time. Eventually, the blockage will cause runoff water to backflow because there is nowhere else for it to go.

Catch basins in your Haines City parking lot paving can also be damaged because of the erosion of the bricks that surround it. Water can seep into the cracks and cause erosion.

This will render the catch basin defective and will require you to repair it for a large sum of money. This means that you should not only check the grates but the surrounding area of the catch basin, too.

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