The Dos and Don’ts of Plant City Parking Lot Paving Maintenance

Anybody who owns a Plant City parking lot paving knows that if you want your pavement to last long enough to make your investment worth it, then you should keep up a regular maintenance schedule. This maintenance schedule will cover everything from the cleaning of your pavement to the handling of small repairs to make sure that your pavement is kept in as good a condition as possible for as long as you can.

However, if you want to make sure that you make the most out of your pavement maintenance, then you have to do this right. Here is a guide to the dos and don’ts of Plant City parking lot paving maintenance.


Do perform regular pavement maintenance

The best way to approach your pavement maintenance is by being as consistent as possible. If you want your pavement to last as long as the cost of your investment, then you should make sure to perform your maintenance regularly. Preventative maintenance will always be less costly and easier to handle compared to having to pay for large pavement repairs.

Do keep your pavement clean

Asphalt paving maintenance always begins with the simplest maintenance method, which is pavement cleaning. Dirt, debris, oil stains, and other forms of dirt that make their way to your pavement can cause damage to your parking lot when left unattended. Something as simple as sweeping the surface of your pavement can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your parking lot.


Don’t drive on your pavement right away

When your asphalt pavement has been freshly installed, it can be very tempting to want to give it a test drive right away. However, you should learn to be patient and give your pavement enough time to cure and set.

Using your parking lot too early can result in early damage to your parking lot as the curing period right after an asphalt pavement has been installed is crucial to the durability and longevity of your parking lot. Make sure that your section off your freshly installed parking lot for at least 24 hours or a full weekend to make sure that it sets properly.

Don’t neglect your pavement

The biggest cause of Plant City parking lot paving damage is neglect. It’s very easy to look at your asphalt pavement and think that it’s going to last forever because of how durable it looks. However, this kind of thinking is the first step to neglect, and you need to keep up a regular maintenance schedule if you want your pavement to last a long time.

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