The 6-step Process of Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Property owners invest heavily in Plant City parking lot paving because they know how important it is to have a well-paved driveway or parking lot. However, they must also understand the process it takes to construct and build a beautifully paved parking lot.

Preparation and Permits

The process starts with negotiating with the contractor. You will sign a contract indicating the schedule and the contract price. Either you or the contractor will take care of the permits and licenses needed to start the construction project. You might also want to look into getting an insurance for the project.

Removing the Existing Surface

Paving on top of existing cracked asphalt pavement is a no-no. In a few months, cracks will start to appear on the surface. Contractors need to remove the existing asphalt layer. They can recycle the material for future use, but they must remove them first if they want to ensure the stability of the sub-base.

Constructing the Sub-base

The sub-base is the foundation of the whole pavement. An unstable sub-base can easily crack or collapse when the vehicle traffic becomes too heavy. There is no room for mistake in installing the sub-base. Most contractors use quarry stones that have been crushed, but they can also use recycled aggregate such as concrete, old asphalt, stone or a combination of three.

This layer should be well-compacted, so it can “carry” the foot and vehicle traffic that will use the pavement. Depending on the project, your parking lot may also need a binder layer, which is the middle layer between the sub-base and the asphalt layer.

Installing the Asphalt Layer

Using a dump truck and asphalt paving machine, the hot-mix asphalt is poured over the sub-base layer and the binder (if applicable). There are many types of surface asphalt mixture. What you need depends on how the driveway or parking lot will be used. Most contractors are now using laser guides to ensure a consistent layer of asphalt is being installed. This is important for the proper installation of the drainage system.

Compacting the Asphalt Pavement

Another important process in the construction of an asphalt parking lot or driveway is the compaction. Using a combination of asphalt vibratory rollers, the asphalt pavement compaction is the final step of the process. A well-compacted asphalt pavement makes sure that water won’t seep into the pavement surface and get into the sub-base layer.

Marking the Pavement

Marking the Plant City parking lot paving is important because these are the first things that customers see when they visit your property. Clearly marking the pavement will guide the customers where to park their vehicles. This is equally important for people with limited abilities.

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