The 6-Step Process For Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

It is never too late to learn the process of Lakeland parking lot paving. It helps you better understand what you are paying for and why you are paying such a huge sum for it. Most asphalt paving contractors will require a huge amount of money for repairing or installing or replacing an asphalt pavement.

As a business or residential owner, you need to understand what this is that you are paying for. Every contractor has its own process (with even additional services) but this six-step process is the general rule when it comes to asphalt pavement.

Demolition and removal

The first step in installing a fresh layer of asphalt pavement is removing the current or old one. Whether it is asphalt, concrete, or pavers, it is important to clean the area off any old pavement. The demolition of the old pavement and the removal of the materials is completed using heavy machinery including small bobcats, forklifts, front loaders, and large dump trucks.

Grading and sloping

Before anything else, the pavement must be prepared for appropriate water drainage. The surface must be graded to ensure that water will run-off in the right direction. Proper water drainage is important to your surface because water is a major cause of damage that includes potholes, cracks, and heaving.

Prepare the sub-base layer

The longevity of the whole asphalt pavement is founded on the strength of the sub-base layer. The asphalt contractor must make sure that the sub-based layer is made of durable material and that it is well-compacted. It provides a stable surface to support the new pavement. It is also the frost barrier that reduces the effects of winter damage because of freezing and thawing.

Binder and surface course

Once the sub-base layer of the Lakeland parking lot paving has been laid, the contractor must identify and repair the soft areas identified during the installation. It is the time to add the binder, which is a large aggregate mixed with oil. This is what makes it strong and durable. The binder layer is also the primary foundation that strengthens any new asphalt surface.

Install new asphalt surface

Once the structure has been installed, the top layer of the fresh asphalt is added to provide a clean and smooth surface. The surface asphalt is made up of small aggregate, sand, and oil. The combination of these materials creates a jet-black asphalt that when installing properly, can provide a smooth ride and a shiny attractive finished surface.

Butt joints and transitions

Most asphalt pavements connect to existing driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Lakeland parking lot paving contractors then must find a way to smoothly transition the new and old pavements. These transitional areas require special attention to ensure that the water run-off is appropriate.

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