Surrounding Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving With Plants

Most of the parking lots we see are too structured and too stiff that it can be stressing to look at. Have you ever been in a Haines City parking lot paving that’s a joy to the eyes?

Have you ever seen a parking space that calms your nerves? Most parking lots are simply concrete or asphalt pavements and nothing else. Property owners barely bat an eye when designing a parking lot. They never think about what the parking lot says about them or their business.

If you want your parking lot pavement to stand out from the rest, you should seriously think about surrounding it with colorful and lively plants. You can have a mini garden and a parking space all in one, right?

While we understand the concern about surrounding your parking space with plants, you must also realize that parking lots are not just about functionality. They are about the aesthetics, too.

Your concern about plants and asphalt pavements is very valid. The roots of the plants or trees can grow too big that it crawls under the surface of the pavement and lead to the collapse of the asphalt or its cracks. This is the reason we see some parking lots suffering from chipped edges—the roots of nearby plants have weakened the structure.

However, this does not mean that plants and pavements will never get along together. In fact, they are the most aesthetically pleasing combination.

The health of your asphalt pavement does not rely on the plants or the trees that surround it. The longevity of the pavement relies on the way you maintain and take care of it. This means choosing the right plants and trees to put around your parking lot.

Read up about the plants with roots that won’t grow as big as some of the other plants and trees we see. You can also keep the plants in pots and terracotta so they won’t affect the structure of the pavement no matter how big they get.

You can also learn about trimming the plants once they get too large so they won’t pose any threat to the health and durability of your parking lot pavement.

A little pocket of garden surrounding your parking lot will make your property stand out. Instead of just providing a safe space for your customers where they can leave their vehicles (and, admit it, some of their belongings), you are also giving them a space that’s beautiful and calming to look at.

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