Substances to Keep Away From Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Any good business owner knows that a good Haines City parking lot paving is a good investment for their business. And it’s true. A good quality parking lot paving provides a lot of benefit to a business, including being more visually appealing to customers, as well as being a great environmental solution for your business. Because of its many benefits, business owners take the time and effort to care for their paving.

The smallest crack can lead to a more serious issue, so it’s very important that your paving is properly maintained. While you are doing your best to protect your paving by repairing cracks and sealcoating your pavement, there may be things that your parking lot is exposed to on a daily basis that could cause additional damage to it. Read on to find out what these substances are in order to be more vigilant about the things that could be damaging your paving.


The UV rays from the sun can cause a lot of damage to your parking lot paving. If your paving is overexposed to the sun, the UV rays can break down and oxidize the binder that holds the aggregate together, resulting in extensive cracking. This can lead to more severe damage such as raveling and potholes. In order to avoid extensive damage caused by the sun, apply sealcoating to your paving regularly, as this will provide a layer of protection for your paving.

Gasoline and oil

Ironically, the vehicles that your parking lot paving accommodates on a daily basis can be causing damage to the paving itself. This is because vehicles leak corrosive materials like oil and gasoline which, if left on the surface of the paving long enough, can cause the asphalt binder to soften, and eventually break down. The longer the chemicals stay on your paving, the more serious the damage. The best way to prevent damage caused by corrosive materials is to regularly inspect your parking lot for any signs of these materials on the surface, and clean it accordingly.

Standing water

Standing water is one of the most dangerous substances to remain on your paving. If there are any cracks in your paving, this standing water can get into these cracks, and settle within the interior of your paving. Given enough time, the water can destroy your paving from the inside, resulting in damages like depressions and potholes. This type of structural damage is very costly to repair, so it’s very important that water is not allowed to remain on the surface of your Haines City parking lot paving. You can achieve this by having a proper drainage system in place and performing regular asphalt paving maintenance.

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