Steps In Asphalt Road Construction For Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Lakeland parking lot paving is a big deal for many business and resident owners. Having to pay a company to do the job for you is no small thing. It can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how large the area is to be paved. That’s why it’s important for business and resident owners to understand the process that leads to a well-paved parking lot or driveway. If you know the steps that the paving company must take, you won’t be fooled into paying for more than you should.

Prepare the base course layer

The existing surface must be prepared first for the number of layers that it must support. Any irregularities like potholes and rust most be covered first with premix chippings at least a week before the base layer is applied. If the existing pavement is really problematic, a bituminous leveling course of adequate thickness must be provided instead of directly laying the bituminous concrete surface on a WBM.

Apply the tuck coat

An AC layer must be applied over a bituminous base or binder course. The quantity of the AC layer will be adjusted for non-bituminous base.

Preparing and placing the premix

The premix is prepared in a plant way before it will be applied on the surface. The bitumen and the aggregate temperature must be heated up in differing temperatures. The strength of the final pavement structure will depend on the control of the temperatures during the mixing and the compaction.

Rolling on the pavement

After the mix that is placed on the base course, it must be thoroughly compacted by a roller with no more than the speed of 5 kilometers per hour. The wheels of the roller must be kept damp with water, and there is a difference between the initial rolling and the intermediate rolling. The number of passes on the layer will depend on the thickness of the layer. The final rolling will mostly be done by a 8-to-10 tonne tandem roller.

Checking the quality of the construction

There should be periodic testing of the quality of the construction materials. As a business or residential owner, ensure that the pavement company is checking these: aggregate grading, grade of bitumen, temperature of aggregate, and temperature of paving mix during mixing and compaction.

Measuring the finished product

The surface should be checked after the last layer was applied. It will be measured by a straight edge to make sure that it conforms to the agreed upon measurement on the contract. A Lakeland parking lot paving company will also be making such measurements.

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