Speed Bumps and Humps For Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Many first-time property owners are not fully aware of the implications of owning a Lakeland parking lot paving. They tend to believe that a parking lot simply consists of a single pavement, and that there is nothing to owning it. 

In reality, a lot of work goes into the care and maintenance of a parking lot, and it’s important that you learn about the different factors that make up a good pavement. 

One of the most important features of a good parking lot is the presence of traffic management tools like signs and speed bumps and humps. Learn more about speed bumps and humps for your Lakeland parking lot paving here. 

What Are Speed Bumps and Humps?

Speed bumps and humps are structures that are installed on the surface of your parking lot. When installed properly, these will help minimize speeding in your parking lot, which can improve the flow of traffic on your property. This will also help minimize accidents, which is a great benefit to any business. 

Find Out If Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Needs Speed Bumps and Humps

When it comes to installing speed bumps and humps on your property, you have to first determine if this is something that your Lakeland parking lot paving needs. 

As mentioned before, these are used to help regulate traffic on your property, but speed bumps and humps are not to be interchanged with each other. Speed bumps help reduce speed drastically, so you’re going to want to place these near high-risk areas, such as pedestrian crossings. 

On the other hand, speed humps are lower and don’t reduce speed as drastically, so these can be placed near low-risk areas like residential areas. 

Choose the Type of Speed Bump and Hump Your Pavement Needs

Another important thing to consider for the speed bumps and humps on your parking lot is the material to use for this. Concrete or asphalt speed bumps are fairly common, but rubber ones are also gaining a lot of traction recently. 

If you’re unsure about what option to go with, feel free to consult with your parking lot contractor so that they can assess your pavement professionally and help you make that decision. 

Overall, you should never disregard features that are designed to help improve the safety of your parking lot. When installed and implemented properly, this can go a long way in improving the safety of your customers on your property, as well as help minimize legal liabilities and other issues. 


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