Sizing Up The Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Project

Before you accept a Lakeland parking lot paving project, you have to know every tiny detail about it. As a company, you just don’t rush into it head first because you are bound to make mistakes when you are not careful with it. As negotiations with the client are underway, you should be able to size up what needs to be done and how massive the project is.

Will it be a simple driveway? Is it a 10-car parking lot or is it a parking lot for a large building in the city? Although you want to lock in this contract and prove to the client that you’re good as advertised, you may want to sit back first and discuss the details of the project with your staff and crew. When running a business, no matter what product or service you are selling, it’s always great to hear the perspectives of your staff.

Don’t offer a contract immediately

When a client visits the office and seems to be dead set on signing a contract that day, you have to explain to him/her that you would need at least a day to compute how much the project would cost and whether or not it can be finished at the allotted timeframe. This ensures that you will be able to keep your promises to the client, and you will not be breaching your contract. Sometimes, companies are so quick to offer contracts because they want to close the deal. But in the end, this leads to problems because they didn’t have enough time to really discuss the schedule and analyze if it is doable.

Ask questions

Contractors need to know what the clients expect from them. They need to ask every detail and get as much information about the project they are going to do. What’s the actual size of the parking lot? Do you have a layout in mind? Are we following a theme? Getting to ask all these questions will also give you an opportunity to see what the clients want to happen with their parking lots and what it exactly is for. Remember, some companies want a very basic parking lot because it merely has a functional aspect while some companies see parking lots as a part of their overall brand.

Make an inspection

It’s not enough that you ask questions. You should also make a schedule to do an inspection of the actual site of the parking lot. This will give you a more factual idea of how big the project is and whether or not it can be done before the deadline set. The client will surely know how important it is for you to inspect the site. They would also be able to explain further what he/she expects from the company and how the project should look like.

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