Six Basic Steps to Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Installation

Business owners decide to have a Plant City parking lot paving installed on their property for several good reasons. Some of these reasons include wanting to provide their customers with a safe place to park their vehicles while they browse their stores, as well as giving their shops a boost in terms of visual appeal.

While many business owners know what they want out of a parking lot paving installation, not many of them are aware of how the process goes. Read on to learn more about the six basic steps to a Plant City parking lot paving installation.

Permits and marking

Like any other large structure that is to be built on someone’s property, it’s important to get the needed permits before you can start construction. Make sure that you work with your parking lot pavement company to secure the needed legal paperwork to get started with your paving installation.

Surface milling (optional)

If you already have a preexisting pavement, this will need to be removed down to the subgrade layer. This needs to be done so that a fresh layer of asphalt can be applied. Once the top parts have been milled out, the subgrade layer is inspected for damage. If there is damage, the layer is also milled out and replaced.

Grading and base layer

The sub-base layer of your asphalt is the most important layer of your paving. If this is not installed properly, this will affect the rest of your pavement because this is the foundation of your paving. This stage is one of the most crucial stages for the paving installation process because if the pavement has not been graded properly and the sub-base layer is not installed well, then your paving will be faulty, leading to a lot of expensive damage.


When the sub-base layer has been properly installed and inspected, the pouring of the asphalt can now begin. The pouring is a controlled process, as it needs to be poured in consistently and evenly.


Compaction is another very important stage of the installation process. The asphalt is compacted with rollers. Proper compaction is needed to help with the durability of a pavement, so it’s important that this is overseen by a reputable contractor.

Final touches
Once your Plant City parking lot paving has been installed, you need to put in the final touches, which includes paving markings and foliage, if you planned for it. Wait a minimum of 24 hours before opening your pavement, and congratulations! You have a freshly installed asphalt parking lot paving for your business.

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