Simple Tips To Maintain Your Parking Lot Pavement

The parking lot is most often overlooked or ignored because it doesn’t do anything for a business except to house its customers cars. It is usually the least appealing part of a commercial property, but treating it as such is completely and utterly wrong since the parking lot pavement is the first thing clients see when they enter your property.

The state of your parking lot tells a lot about your business and your views on customer service. Just like your commercial building itself, parking lot requires routine maintenance for safety, longevity and cost efficiency.

Here are a few helpful tips in properly maintaining your parking lot pavement:

Don’t allow water sprinklers to direct water on your parking lot because it can cause the deterioration of your pavement. Since you used asphalt (or concrete) on your parking lot, it won’t be able to absorb the water. Instead, the water will just pool in whatever creases it can find on the pavement.
Clean your drains and gutters so that when it rains, water won’t have to form puddles on your parking lot. They can easily flow off the pavement and into the drains and gutters.
Don’t place signs, trees, plants or mailboxes on corners and curves of the parking lot. Motorists might get into accidents because something is blocking their way. This would also cause trouble for first-time drivers who are not yet comfortable about parking or moving around tight spaces.
Move trash bins to the main road so the pickup truck will have an easier way of getting to them. This will also prevent the trucks from entering the parking lot itself, and thus minimize heavy loads on your pavement.
Repair potholes as soon as you see them. Potholes can cause accidents, both to motorists and people walking on your pavement. Potholes are hard to prevent because they are created by water freezing and thawing within the crevices of the pavement. But once you see them, make sure to take immediate actions to repair them and prevent them from sprouting more potholes.
Never delay the maintenance and checkup of your parking lot pavement because even a day of missing out an appointment can cause major damage to your property. Always schedule a routine checkup of your parking lot, so that you don’t have to pay as much when it needs repairs.

These tips are essential to maintaining the proper function of your parking lots. By simply following these regularly, you will surely have less difficulties about your pavement.

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