Simple Haines City Parking Lot Paving Maintenance Tips That Make a Difference

We have always talked about the importance of maintaining your Haines City parking lot paving. After all, you’ve spent quite a lot to make sure that your business has a parking lot that leaves a great impression on customers. However, there are some pavement owners who believe that the initial installation will suffice, and that there is no need for regular maintenance.

This is wrong, as no matter how well your pavement was installed, it will eventually start seeing signs of damage after enough time. Well installed pavement can last for several years before showing the slightest sign of damage.

If your paving is showing signs of cracking and other kinds of damage as early as a year in, you may need to have your pavement inspected to see if there are any underlying issues with it.

Some people refuse to perform maintenance on their paving because they believe that maintenance is expensive, and prefer to wait until serious repairs are needed.

Again, this is false, because it is more cost-effective to perform regular maintenance compared to dealing with large scale damage. Your Haines City parking lot paving maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some simple maintenance tips that can make a difference.

Regular inspection

One of the simplest ways to maintain your parking lot is by inspecting it on a regular basis. This helps you keep an eye out for any signs of damage that may be occurring on your pavement. A regular inspection doesn’t take long to do, and it helps you catch anything that might escalate into something more serious, like cracks into potholes and the like.


Another maintenance method that you can do on your pavement is a simple cleaning. Buildup of debris and other kinds of materials on your pavement can cause damage later on. For example, weeds can emerge on the surface of your paving, which can cause cracks to widen, and become a more serious issue.

Another example is the oil and gasoline that your parking lot is exposed to on a regular basis. These chemicals can break down the binder holding the pavement together, and softening the asphalt. Cleaning any oil stains regularly helps prevent this from happening.


Sealcoating is an inexpensive maintenance method that can be used to protect your Haines City parking lot paving for a long time.

Sealcoating acts as a type of protective layer between your asphalt and the materials that can cause damage from it. From protecting your asphalt from the oxidizing UV rays of the sun, to refreshing the clean, black look of your pavement, a regular sealcoating procedure can go a long way in protecting your parking lot.

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