Signs That Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Is Deteriorating

There are many tell-tale signs that your Plant City parking lot paving is already deteriorating, but none is more evident than when you notice cracks and potholes on the surface. Once these appear, it’s time to contact your local asphalt pavement company and have them take a look on your pavement.

This is the main reason why professionals are hired to take care of one’s pavement or driveway. These professionals know exactly what needs to be done for the pavement, so they are paid to do their job as efficiently as possible. As a business or home owner, you should always be in touch with the needs of your parking lot or driveway pavements. There is nothing that can create bigger problems than an issue gone unnoticed and unaddressed.

Fading color

A newly minted asphalt pavement is colored charcoal black. When you notice that your pavement is dark gray or brown, that means that the asphalt is beginning to wear. Maybe your present pavement has been laid out 10 years ago? Asphalt pavement does not easily lose its color but when it does, there’s usually a deeper reason for it. The heat of the sun and the chemicals that your pavement has to absorb day in and day out cause a lot of problems on their quality. As much as we want to preserve the looks of the original pavement, that is not possible because we certainly cannot control the weather and temperature and there’s no way we can prevent vehicles from churning out chemicals and gases.


When you see loose gravel or sand on your pavement, you may be wondering where it came from. Did a truck pass by carrying these materials? No? Then, you should check if there are any fissures on the pavement that will explain the presence of the loose gravel and sand. When this happens, it only means that your pavement is beginning to deteriorate, that the binder is slowly losing its presence. Remember, the asphalt pavement is being held together by a binder. When the binder is not effective anymore, this means that you’ll soon see bigger problems on your pavement.

Potholes, cracks, and alligator lines

Seeing potholes, cracks, and alligator lines on the pavement can scare us quite easily. This often means that the Plant City parking lot paving needs either a major repair or a replacement. It is only but natural that owners check their pavement and their driveways for any minor issues that may, in the future, be a cause of major concern.

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