Signs That Show Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving Might Be Due for Repair

Although it seems as though your Haines City parking lot paving has been around forever, all pavings, whether concrete or asphalt are not meant to last forever. When your parking lot paving is still nice and fresh, it looks great for your business, and customers are more willing to take the time to drive to your store and park their vehicles there. However, if proper maintenance isn’t done on your paving, damage can start to occur, with cracks and potholes beginning to form on the surface of your paving. This results in an unsightly parking lot paving, and it doesn’t look good for business. Here are a few signs which show that it might be time to do some repairs on your parking lot paving.


One of the very first things you should be looking out for on your parking lot paving is any sign of cracks that may begin to form on the surface of the paving. Now while small cracks are easy to handle with some sealant, if you grow complacent and start ignoring them, they may continue growing to the point where you may have to overhaul the entire surface of your paving, if the damage is too severe. Cracks also make it easier for water to seep in, making the damage when the water begins freezing and thawing.

Puddles of water

While these seem innocuous at first glance, the reality is that having puddles of water on your paving is already indicative of some damage that has already occurred and needs to be looked at. Paving is designed in a way that allows rain to drain off the surface, preventing puddles or pooling water to remain on the surface. If water continues to remain on the surface of the paving, it may begin to seep into the aforementioned cracks and cause some significant damage to your paving.


Potholes are not only unsightly to look at, but they can also be harmful to drivers who drive on the surface of the paving. Potholes are more severe consequences from cracks on the paving, and should be looked into if your paving is starting to develop these. When water seeps into the cracks of the paving, it can settle at the foundation of the paving. When the cold sets in, the water can freeze and expand. When it starts to get a little warmer, the ice melts, and can result in a collapse of the material directly in front of it because of the weakened foundation, resulting in a pothole.

Once you see these signs on your Haines City parking lot paving, it’s highly recommended that you get it checked out by a professional to guarantee that no further damage has been caused.

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