Signs of Plant City Parking Lot Paving Deterioration

Most types of Plant City parking lot paving is built to withstand heavy loads and is meant to last long periods of time. However, your asphalt paving is not immortal, and will eventually show signs of wear and tear as the years go by. One of the best ways to delay the deterioration of your parking lot paving is to perform regular maintenance and repairs on your asphalt paving. Some of repairs include crack filling and sealing, as well as sealcoating.

Natural deterioration on your asphalt paving can be caused by a number of different factors. These factors include standing water on the surface of your paving, overexposure to sunlight, as well as exposure to chemicals like gasoline and oil. You cannot completely protect your parking lot paving against these elements, but you can do damage control once your paving has been exposed to these.

Making sure that your parking lot paving has a decent drainage system in place can fix your standing water problem. Providing some sort of shade for your parking lot will be appreciated by your customers as well as deflect the sun’s UV rays. Regular cleaning of your paving can help wash away any oils and chemicals that your parking lot is exposed to everyday before they stick to the surface of your lot.

If you notice that your parking lot is deteriorating at a faster rate than expected, then you might find the culprit behind that deterioration elsewhere. There are a number of additional reasons that may contribute to a speedy deterioration of your parking lot paving that don’t involve the natural elements, or a lack of regular maintenance.

Perhaps your paving wasn’t installed correctly. The base or the asphalt mix may not have been compacted properly during the paving installation. A proper drainage system may not have been implemented, which could lead to water damage. Improper asphalt installation can also involve mixing and pouring asphalt during the wrong conditions, including temperature. A good asphalt company will make sure that errors like this don’t happen.

The most common signs of deterioration on your Plant City parking lot paving must be paid attention to and attended to as soon as possible. If you see these signs, have these looked into. Cracking is the first form of damage on your paving. Typically caused by sunlight, heavy traffic loads, and water damage, these can be fixed through a simple crack filling or sealing, depending on the size of the crack.

Potholes and raveling are a deeper form of deterioration found in your paving. These signs indicate that the damage has reached the inside of your paving. Lastly, distortion is a result of improperly installed paving, and indicates severe damage of the underlying base.

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