Signs of Drainage Problems In Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

One of the main reasons why Winter Haven parking lot paving deteriorates is the drainage problem that occurs way below the asphalt surface.

What you can’t see can harm you, your employees, your properties, and your clients. If you are looking for an external reason why there are cracks, potholes, and lines on your asphalt pavement, you will not always find the answers on the surface.

That should definitely worry you. When there is no evidence of an external problem, the issue might be internal and that will cost a lot more than you are ready to spend. Internal problems when it comes to drainage and pavement issues are great concerns for business owners.

This only means that the problem cannot be solved by an internet hack. There is no simple solution to the issue. You need to call a paving contractor and have them check the surface, the binder, and the sub-base layer of the pavement.

So, what exactly are the signs that there are drainage problems in the pavement?

Pooling water

Is water pooling in some areas of the pavement? Is there a collection of small patches of rainwater on your parking lot or driveway? This means that the drainage system is not working well to drain the pavement of the water that comes from the rain and many other external sources.

When this happens, not only will the water pool on the surface, making it unsafe for vehicles and foot traffic to pass on, the pavement will also absorb this water that can weaken the structure of the sub-base layer. Pooling water, whether in small or big patches, will hasten the deterioration process of the pavement.

Collapsed areas

Have you noticed that some parts of the pavement have already collapsed? Are there areas of your parking lot or driveway that are already unsafe because of the collapsed pavement? If so, this is another sign that you need a contractor to look into your drainage system.

If water is getting into the surface layer because of drainage overflow, then it will weaken the structure of the pavement that is largely dependent on the health and stability of the sub-base layer.

These collapsed areas are also unsafe for foot and vehicle traffic. If there are already collapsing parts of your Winter Haven parking lot paving or driveway, make sure to put warning signs around it so people and vehicles won’t accidentally walk or drive over these areas.

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