Should You Close Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving During Repairs?

The reason why we always advise clients to take very good care of their Lakeland parking lot paving is because of the amount of inconvenience it causes to clients and business owners.

Once the parking lot has to be repaired or reconstructed, the property owner will be forced to shut down its operations. While there are business owners who prefer to do the closing of the parking lot sectional, it still becomes a major inconvenience for customers.

So, should you or should you not close down a parking lot pavement during repairs, reconstruction, replacement of the surface layers, etc.? Here are some thoughts to consider:

Accidents may occur

The reason why most contractors prefer if the property owner will simply shut down the whole operation of the parking lot pavement is because of the possibilities of accidents.

While every precaution and measure will be taken to ensure that no accidents will occur, there is no assurance to do this. Not only does it inconvenient customers, but it also causes them enormous stress to think about the safety of their vehicles when left in a pavement that’s being repaired.

Takes more time

Sectional repairs take more time. Instead of the paving contractor and his workers being able to freely move around the whole area they need to repair, they would be confined to one section alone and will only be able to move once that area is finished.

Most contractors are able to complete the project in a short amount of time because they are allowed to move freely and to work simultaneously.

Loss of profit

And yet, closing down the whole parking lot and asking your customers to find their own parking spaces somewhere else may also cause them to search for another store to visit. There’s probably nothing more annoying about going to a store, a mall, or a shop than having to find a parking space for your car.

Inconvenience to customers

Both are inconvenient to customers and that’s why you should put up a notice that progress is being made and that the repairs are being made to ensure their comfort in the future.

Customers are uncomfortable leaving their vehicles behind big equipment and machinery used to apply the asphalt. But on the other hand, finding a good location where to leave their cars will also be a discomfort.

If both options are unacceptable to you, the best recommendation we can give you is to make the contractor work at night when the lot is totally free of foot and vehicle traffic.

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