Should You Change Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Companies?

So, you hired Lakeland parking lot paving company. You decided to invest in your parking lot because you want to provide a good space for your customers to leave their vehicles.

You think that by making sure the parking lot is smooth, safe, and secure, there will be more customers attracted to your business. And somehow, you are right. You find that more customers are willing to visit your business when they have a safe space where they can leave their cars.

However, what happens when there is a bump on the road such as miscommunication with the service provider? You’ll find that in the process of wanting to give your customers the best service imaginable, it’s hard to find suppliers who have the same vision as you.

Some parking lot paving companies may charge you an exorbitant fee for something that they could not deliver. They may ask for more money than you can provide and yet, you’ll end up paying for facilities and amenities that do not deliver.

Low-quality Materials

One of the things that you must look at in your parking lot when it suddenly needs repair after it has just been constructed is the quality of materials. If you find out that the contractor used low-quality materials for your parking lot, you can sue them based on the stipulations on the contract.

But this also means that you cannot work with them anymore in the future and you cannot recommend them to your friends in the industry.

You can terminate the contract right there and then without filing a case in the proper courts, but you’ll have to ask the contractor to refund you. This is the same money that you will use to construct or repair your new parking lot.

Lack of Post-sales Service

Did your contractor seemingly vanish in thin air after the project is finished and you paid the balance? Are they not replying to your text, calls, and emails anymore? Are they ghosting you, as what the millennials like to say today? If this happens to you, it means that the contractor has a very bad post-sales customer service.

Most companies are only willing to offer support to their customers even after the sale of an item or service. They should be willing to answer questions about the parking lot, as well as shoulder any expenses that might occur because of repairs and replacements related to the parking lot.

You need to check the warranty for the service and the materials used. If the contractor continues to ignore your messages, you can file a case against the contractor.

Inefficiency to Communicate

Another sign that you should terminate your contract with a Lakeland parking lot paving company is if the contractor fails to communicate clearly. If in the middle of the project the contractor suddenly stops communicating with you, this may be ground to the cancelation of the contract.

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