Should You Buy A New Machine For Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving?

Just like a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, every year tends to be an opportunity for the paving industry to come up with new machines and equipment that will make the Plant City parking lot paving jobs easier, faster, and more convenient.

For every paving contractor, the question that goes into their mind is this: should I invest in a new machine for my business? The answer isn’t always that simple. There is a process that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding to buy or not a new machine.

What are the technologies available? What are my competitors using? Can my old machine manage what the new machine is capable of doing?

These are just some of the questions that go into the mind of a paving contractor or asphalt pavement company owner. The process is too complicated but let us keep in mind that above everything else, the intention of every paving company is to be the best in the industry.

The shorter answer to the predicament of whether to buy a new machine is this: if you have the money, go and buy the new one with the latest tech. Otherwise, prepare to invest more time and resources trying to catch up to what the new machines can do.


When it comes to technology, older machines simply cannot compare with the new models. The latest machines and equipment feature safety tech never before seen in the older models.

They continue to be configured with features that increase the safety, productivity, efficiency, and profitability of the machines. The amount of time saved from the new machines will offset its additional upfront cost.

Of course, these new technologies naturally make the job easier and faster. On the logistics side, you can even cut down on your operational expenses by laying off manual workers (of course, this is bad for the economy and for the workers) or re-appointing them to new jobs.


Think about how a new or old machine affects your competitive position. Repairing an old machine is cheaper for any business but it also means that you are probably getting lost in the frenzy of new safety features available in new machines. You may actually be a tad slower than other paving companies and that might affect the profitability of your business.

The decision to buy or not to buy a new paving machine is always a complicated one because it is composed of many layers of considerations—finances, resources, training, and logistical need. What’s important before making this decision is understanding the needs and demands of your business and the industry it is in.

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