Sealcoating Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving for the Summer

Anybody who has dealt with a Winter Haven parking lot paving knows that any kind of procedure related to asphalt paving should be done over the summer. Whether it’s asphalt application, line painting, or repairs, the summer heat provides the best environment to handle asphalt. This is because asphalt is more malleable in the heat, and will dry faster during warmer weather. It’s very important to maintain your asphalt paving to help extend its lifespan, keeps its surface clean, and prevents any serious damage from happening to it.

In addition to looking unappealing, damages like cracking and potholes can pose a serious liability risk to your customers and anybody who encounters them on your paving. Most asphalt paving damage is observed during the spring months, which makes summer the perfect follow-up to repair these damages. Sealcoating is one of the best ways to keep your paving properly maintained, as well as helps maintain the clean, black look for new asphalt.

Anybody who has dealt with asphalt can tell you that there is a reason why you should sealcoat your paving is because you need to protect your paving from the winter months. The winter season is when most damage begins to occur. This is because if water gets into your paving via surface cracks during fall or late summer and doesn’t make its way out before winter, the colder climate will cause it to freeze and expand. When spring comes around, the ice melts, and causes it to contract. If this cycle repeats enough times, the paving foundation will weaken, which will result in potholes. This cycle is why most asphalt damage can be observed during the spring months.

However, while it is certainly important to protect your paving from the winter months, it is equally as important to protect your paving from the summer months. The sun emits UV rays, which can oxidize the surface of your paving, which may lead to fading, aggravate the cracking, and cause pavement raveling. In addition to that, the summer heat can soften your asphalt paving.

While this is beneficial for asphalt installation and repairs, it can prove to be detrimental to already installed paving. The softened paving can warp and when vehicles drive on top of it, they can leave indentations and depressions on the paving, which will be costly to repair.

Sealcoating your Winter Haven parking lot paving during early summer in preparation for the hottest summer seasons can prevent oxidation from occurring, as well as helps it maintain its clean look. It’s also better to sealcoat during early summer as it’s warm enough to carry out the procedure quickly, and prepares your paving for the summer and upcoming winter months.

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