What Sealcoating Can and Can’t Do For Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Sealcoating your Haines City parking lot paving has always been regarded as one of the most beneficial ways you can maintain the quality of your parking lot paving, as well as extend its lifespan. When applied correctly, sealcoating can accomplish those things, especially when done on a regular basis, and when timed correctly.

However, there may be times when you might find yourself oversold on the idea of sealcoating as the cure-all solution to all of your parking lot paving woes. To clear things up, here is a breakdown on what sealcoating can actually do for your parking lot paving, and what it can’t.

What sealcoating can do:

Sealcoating, as the name suggests, provides a layer of protection on the top layer of your parking lot paving. With the sealcoat in place, your parking lot paving is now adequately protected against certain external factors that can cause damage to your paving.

These factors include: UV rays from the sun, as well as gasoline, oil, and other chemicals that come from vehicles. In addition to this, sealcoating your paving also serves as a waterproofing method for your paving,

Sealcoating can definitely extend the lifespan of your parking lot paving as long as it is applied correctly. The very first round of sealcoating must be applied about a year to a year and a half after initial paving installation. It is important to remember that freshly installed paving does not need sealcoating yet, which is why you have to wait a year.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits that sealcoating provides, it also provides a couple of practical benefits. Sealcoated asphalt paving can help ice and snow faster because its dark black color helps retain heat from the sun better. It is also easier to clean than regular paving because of how smooth it is.

What sealcoating can’t do:

Sealcoating cannot fix severe forms of damage found on your parking lot paving. For example, more severe forms of cracking like alligator cracking will not benefit in any way or form from a sealcoating procedure.

Sealcoating is best used along with other forms of regular paving maintenance, so if you attempt to sealcoat a parking lot that has been neglected, it will not provide the same benefits as it normally would to a regularly maintained parking lot.

Sealcoating is not used a form of resurfacing for your Haines City parking lot paving. Sealcoating simply adds an additional layer of protection that will help extend the overall lifespan of your parking lot. Resurfacing refers to installing a brand new surface layer of the asphalt paving because of significant damage sustained by the surface layer.

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