Safety Signs And Devices Needed In Plant City Parking Lot Paving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one out of every five automobile accidents happen in parking garages and parking lots. That’s a lot considering that Plant City parking lot paving should be considered generally safe and secure. To prevent this number from further increasing, it is the duty of parking lot owners to ensure that their garages and the surrounding areas are safe and secure.

By putting safety signs and devices, and by tapping the services of parking lot pavement companies, business owners can protect their customers and clients.

Traffic signs

Every parking lot project must have the standard and regulated traffic signs. Drivers are familiar with these signs, of course, since they have taken these courses up during their driving lessons. Besides, who would pass through the DMV without knowing the basic road signs? Even if you think your parking lot is just small and cramp, you should install engineer-grade traffic signs to keep your customers safe.

U-channel posts

Instead of using poles, parking lot companies should use u-channel posts. These are engineered for strength and are very durable for those windy conditions. They make sure that the signs would not break away easily during storms. These can hold up the signages safely, and are structured to be more balanced.

Round posts

Many communities and business owners prefer round posts over the u-channel posts because of their aesthetic appearance and safety factors. Round posts have no sharp angles, so it basically prevents accidents to happen when the weather conditions are not right. There have been times when pedestrians would get their hands cut on u-channel posts. Round posts, of course, do not have to worry about this.

Speed humps

Business owners can choose between asphalt or recycled rubber. They can reduce the speed of a vehicle while letting traffic flow. Speed humps cover the entire roadway or the parking lot lane. To make it safer at night, the parking lot paving companies can put reflective tape.

Bollard covers

These are usually available in “safety yellow” color with UV protected 3M reflective tape. Safety yellow is the standard color of those road signs. The tape adds another layer of security and visibility either for day or night. These are easy to install. They don’t even need extreme maintenance measures.

If you are planning to install a parking lot paving, you better talk to your Plant City parking lot paving contractor about these safety signs and devices.

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