Safety Precautions Using Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Markings

How do you communicate with motorists? The most effective way of communicating with drivers is through road signs and parking lot markings. These signs, symbols, stripes, and shapes denote the rules of that particular road or Lakeland parking lot paving area. These rules provide motorists with information about road boundaries, crosswalk locations, potential hazards, and parking spots.

Road signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings work together to give motorists a clear picture of what they should and should not do on the road. Considering that road markings are directly on the motorists’ view of the road, it’s safe to say that these are the most effective way of guiding drivers.

What Do These Markings Mean?

White and yellow lines are used along the pavement’s edges and between lanes to guide the drivers to keep their vehicles in line. The lines are either solid or broken. They are colored white or yellow while the symbols are either in white or blue. Stop lines, crosswalks, parking spaces, and symbols are in white. The only exception is the handicap symbol, which comes in blue.

On the road, yellow lines separate lanes of vehicles moving in opposite directions. Inside that yellow line, the divider is marked by white lines. These white lines separate vehicles that are moving in the same direction. The lines could either be solid or broken. Solid lines mean that a motorist cannot go over it. One example is when drivers want to overtake the car in front. This cannot be done when the yellow or white lines are solid. Broken lines allow overtaking vehicles in front of you.

The white lines can also be used along the edges of the pavement or the road to indicate the division between the road and sidewalk.

On a parking lot, these lines and symbols mean the same. Curbs have yellow lines on them because it means you cannot park in that area. Safety zones and fire lanes are also marked with yellow lines. It is illegal to park in these areas. You can be apprehended.

The parking slots near the entrance of the building are usually in blue with a wheelchair symbol. These slots are reserved for handicapped guests. The slots are usually larger than normal to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility equipment.

Make sure that your Lakeland parking lot paving markings can be clearly seen by the motorists. You are legally required to repaint the markings when they fade. A pavement contractor will advise you on where the markings must be placed for legal compliance.

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