Rutting and Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Rutting is a serious issue that unfortunately, is experienced by many Plant City parking lot paving. This is characterized by a shallow depression found on the surface of the asphalt. While it seems like a small aesthetic issue, signs of rutting can tell of a more serious issue with your paving. If you see signs of rutting on the surface of your asphalt, then it’s very important that you get this issue looked into as soon as possible.

Rutting is more easily seen after rain, because the ruts fill with rainwater. Rutting poses a serious issue to motorists because when this happens, hydroplaning is highly likely to happen.

Hydroplaning happens when water forms a layer between the asphalt and the tires of the vehicle, which can cause a loss of traction, making it difficult to control the vehicle. As you can see here, this can pose a serious hazard to motorists, which makes rutting a problem that must be resolved immediately.

Rutting can be commonly observed in paving that regularly experiences large amounts of heavy traffic. Because of the flexibility of asphalt paving, this is more likely to experience rutting because it’s difficult for it to maintain its structure when it faces these large traffic loads.

If your paving is constantly exposed to these large traffic loads, then the damage with slowly become worse, resulting in more significant damage which may end up costing you more.

However, the large traffic loads on the paving are only part of the problem, the main reason that paving occurs is that when your asphalt paving was originally installed, it was not properly applied or compacted. There are two types of rutting issues, one is called mix rutting, and the other is called subgrade rutting.

Mix rutting, as the name suggests, is caused by an improper aggregate mix, which means that the mix was not properly mixed, too much filler, too much asphalt used, or that the type of aggregate mix used is inadequate. Basically, anything that points to a faulty asphalt mix can be determined as a probable cause behind mix rutting.

Subgrade rutting is caused by issues with the subgrade which usually occurs during pavement installation. This may be caused by an improper compaction during installation. If your paving has not been properly compacted, it results in a weaker subgrade layer, which is insufficient for supporting larger traffic loads, which may result in signs of rutting in your Plant City parking lot paving.

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