Repair Options for Damaged Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

A good quality Winter Haven parking lot paving is not cheap. This is a significant investment for your business, which is why you need to carefully choose the right paving contractor, especially if you’re looking to get the most value for your money.

When your pavement has been installed, you have to take the necessary steps to make sure that it remains in as good a condition as possible for the benefit of your business. One of the most important responsibilities that you will have as a property owner is keeping your pavement in good condition with regular repairs and maintenance.

To keep your paving in good condition, knowing what repair options are available for certain forms of damage is key. Read on to learn more about the different repair options that are available for damaged Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Seal coating

The most common form of repair that you’re going to learn about as a pavement owner is seal coating. This is done by pouring a layer of sealant on the surface of your pavement, which accomplishes several things that keep your paving in great condition.

One of the most important things that seal coating accomplishes is providing your pavement with good protection against the natural elements. Not only that, but seal coating refreshes the look of your paving, which can make it look new again, and is something that you want to preserve the visual appeal of your paving and business.

Seal coating needs to be done every few years or so, depending on the amount of wear and tear on your pavement. Keep in mind that seal coating should not be done on your pavement as soon as it has been installed; this should be done roughly a year or two after installation.

Crack filling and repair

Cracks are going to be one of the most common forms of damage that your pavement will see. Because of this, you have to make sure to keep an eye on your pavement when these start to show up.

If you don’t attend to these as soon as possible, there is a very good chance that these cracks can become worse over time, leading to potholes and foundation damage if you’re not careful.


If potholes do end up forming on your Winter Haven parking lot paving, then you have to perform a patching fix on these as soon as possible. Patching is done on minor potholes by filling them in. This is done to help minimize the risk of these getting worse.

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