Removing Oil Stains From Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Surface

Being a Lakeland parking lot paving owner means being privy to information that you never would have expected to learn before you became a paving owner. One of the most important things that you end up learning is the different things that can cause damage to your pavement.

Some of the causes of paving damage run from the fairly typical, which includes excessive weight on your pavement. Other causes of damage to your paving are new information to you but do not surprise you. However, there are some causes of damage to your pavement that you need to clarify because they seem rather unexpected.

Under this category is the presence of oil and gasoline stains on your pavement. That’s right, the very cars that your parking lot is designed to contain the very substance that can damage it. Read on to find out how to remove oil stains from your Lakeland parking lot paving and why this is something you need to do.

Why should you worry about oil stains?

So why should you be worrying about oil stains on your parking lot pavement? The issue with oil and gasoline stains on your pavement is that the oil and gasoline can soften the asphalt in your paving, which can lead to extensive damage and further deterioration after enough time. If you see signs of an oil stain on your paving, this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Blot up the excess oil

If you see that there is excess oil on the stain, you should take measures to blot up the excess before you begin the process of removing it. You can use household materials like cat litter, which you can scatter around the spot. Cat litter does a good job of soaking up excess oil. Press it down on the oil stain and leave it for a few hours. Come back and sweep it up, and it should have soaked up the excess oil fairly well.

Scrub at the stain and wash it off

Once you’ve removed the excess, you can use other household items to remove the remainder of the oil stain. For example, you can use baking soda or laundry detergent on the spot. Simply apply some on the spot and scrub with brush until you can wash it off with some water. Avoid using products that contain solvents or citrus in them as they can cause the same effect on your Lakeland parking lot paving that the oil does.

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