Removing Markings on Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Pavement markings on Lakeland parking lot paving is not an unusual sight. Everytime we pass parking lots, highways, and other types of asphalt paving, you might have noticed certain painted marking on the paving.

These are signs and indicators of specific use, and are important to comply with regulations, as well as prevent any accidents to any pedestrians and motorists. If you own a parking lot, or a stretch of paving that is accessible to the public, it’s important that your pavement markings are up to date and meet the standard regulations.

After applying the necessary markings to your paving, it’s important that you stop them from becoming too faded and last long. If you find your pavement markings starting to fade, then it’s important that you retouch these by repainting or re-striping these, depending on the method of application.

To prevent any confusion with the reapplication, and to make sure that the new markings don’t end up clashing with the old ones, the markings have to be carefully and thoroughly removed. In order to do that, there are a few marking removal methods that paving companies use in order to achieve that complete removal. Here are those removal methods.


Waterblasting is a very popular method of removing pre-existing pavement markings because of how efficient of a method it is, and the fact that it is a very environmentally friendly option. This method is carried out by blasting sharp needles of water at the paving, which breaks through the pavement markings and breaks it down. This results in minimal damage or scarring to the pavement.


Sandblasting is less subtle method of removing markings from your pavement. It is not as clean as waterblasting, nor is it as environmentally friendly. This method can actually cause some scarring on your pavement surface, but the resulting roughness that it provides a better surface for applying sealant on.

Sandblasting is carried out by using sand, which is an extremely abrasive material to chip away at the pavement markings. While sandblasting has its downsides, it is still a very efficient method of removing markings from the surface of your paving.


Grinding is another method of pavement markings removal, and it must be done correctly and carefully to make sure that the Lakeland parking lot paving does not end up being damaged. This is done by stripping the markings with a grinder until it is completely erased. It is a very efficient method of marking removal, but it isn’t a very environmentally friendly one because of the amount of resulting debris.

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