Remove Stains From Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving With These Tips

Your Winter Haven parking lot paving is designed to be as sturdy as possible. After all, your parking lot is going to be handling a lot of traffic and other daily wear and tear. One of the most important things that you have to look out for is the presence of stains on the surface of your parking lot.

These stains are usually caused by cars that leak gasoline and oil on the surface of your pavement. While they may seem innocuous enough, keep in mind that this is not something that you should leave on your pavement surface. This is because leaving these unattended will lead to the damage of your pavement.

Given the fact that your parking lot is exposed to cars on the daily, there is a regular risk of exposure to these chemicals. To make sure that your pavement does not get damaged by these, here is a guide to help you remove stains from the surface of your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Absorb the stain

When you see an oil or gasoline stain puddle in your parking lot, one of the very first things that you need to do is to absorb the stain. This can be done with some simple cat litter. Simply scatter the cat litter on the stain and wait for it to absorb the excess liquid.

You should do this so that you can remove as much of the liquid as possible and minimize the amount of damage that the liquid can do to your pavement. Once you have absorbed as much of the liquid as possible, sweep it up, throw it away, and move on to the next step.

Scrub it out

When all of the excess liquid has been removed, you can scrub out the stain with a basic mixture of water and soap. Use a brush to thoroughly scrub out the stain. What you’re looking to do here is remove the stain entirely, which is why you need to scrub at it. Once you are sure that there are no traces of the chemical left, you can wash it off with water.

Keep an eye out

It is good to learn how to remove chemical stains from your Winter Haven parking lot paving, but you have to make sure to perform preventative maintenance on your pavement. Seal coating and regular visual inspections will go a long way in preventing damage caused by oil and gasoline.

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