Red Flags of a Sketchy Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractor

When handling a big project like one that deals with Haines City parking lot paving, it is always advisable to go with a reputable and professional paving company. However, as with any industry, there will always be some bad eggs in the whole lot that you need to watch out for.

When checking out potential contractors to handle your paving needs, it’s very important that you look out for any warning signs that may show that this particular paving company has less than your best interests at heart.

Always do plenty of research when considering your pick of paving contractors to make sure that you get the best one for your needs and budget. While your own personal research and gut sense can be a good way to tell whether or not a company is legitimate, it always helps to have some additional information. Here are some red flags to look out for before you make the final decision of hiring a parking lot paving contractor.

No identification or license

A legitimate contractor will always carry around their license and will proudly show it to you if prompted. If you are currently discussing quotes and services with a paving contractor and they are unable to provide proof of their license and the paving company that they work for, then you should watch out.

Demands a full cash payment upfront

This particular red flag is suspicious in two parts: the demand for a cash payment, and a demand for an upfront payment. If they only accept cash and absolutely refuse any other kind of payment method, this prevents any kind of paper trail that can be traced back to them.

Paving contractors do not ask for the full payment upfront before the project has begun. They may ask for a deposit, and pay the rest in intervals as the project goes along, but never the full payment upfront.

No official paperwork

Similar to demanding a cash payment basis only, if a paving contractor cannot supply official contracts and other types of paperwork, then this is a definite red flag. The contract is supposed to outline all of the terms of the project, which includes cost and duration of the project in writing.

Remember, when comparing quotes from different Haines City parking lot paving contractors, you should always ask for proper identification, paperwork, insurance, and references. Avoid doing work with contractors that cannot supply these, and insist that you conduct transactions without any official paperwork or documentation.

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