Recycled Asphalt and Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Recycled asphalt is one of the reasons why asphalt is a very popular choice for a Lakeland parking lot paving. Recycled asphalt is gathered when an old section of asphalt paving can no longer be repaired, and must be replaced. Before laying down a new section of paving, the old asphalt must be taken up first. So they remove the old paving, and then begin the installation process for the new paving.

However, what do you think they do with the asphalt that came from the old section of paving? The great thing about asphalt is that it is completely reusable. This is because the binder that holds the aggregate together can be easily melted off, resulting in a completely recyclable aggregate. The procedure for taking up and processing old asphalt is fairly simple.

Before removing the asphalt, the old asphalt is first inspected, taking note of the type of mix used, as well as the thickness of the asphalt. This is so that once it is processed and reused, they can match it to a similar type of asphalt mix in order to meet the standard paving regulations. Once this inspection is concluded, they can then proceed with the asphalt removal.

When taking up asphalt, it is usually only the surface layer that is removed. This is because the lower layers like the subgrade are still intact, as long as there is no subgrade damage observed. Also, it is only the surface layer of asphalt that can be recycled, because this is where the binder is located. This is easily melted off, allowing the remaining aggregate to be reprocessed and recycled, and giving asphalt its recyclable property.

Once the old asphalt has been removed, it is then crushed and processed to guarantee that it will be even when it is heated. Afterwards, it is heated to melt the aggregate, and leaving you with completely reusable asphalt. This is extremely beneficial for customers and contractors alike, because it is significantly less costly to process and install, compared to new asphalt.

One of the reasons why recycled asphalt is popular is because of its stronger properties. Recycled asphalt still has some tar left on it, resulting in a stronger bond compared to loose-fill materials. Recycled asphalt is also an environmentally friendly option, significantly decreasing the need to mine for fresh aggregate, and preventing old asphalt from taking up space in landfills, where they cannot decompose, and stay there forever.

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