Questions To Ask A Quality Paving Company

Finding and hiring a Winter Haven parking lot paving company can be quite troublesome because there is so much we should remember and check out. Once you’re done doing research, you need to read some reviews, check out the company’s offices and equipment, talk with the staff, wait for the assessment and quotation, and finally, negotiate for the price you’re comfortable with.

All of these should be addressed the first time you meet with the company’s staff, so you won’t have to spend all the time on tenterhooks whether or not you’ve made the right choice. Here, we compiled some questions for you to ask a parking lot paving company.

What materials will be used on my parking lot?

There are two main types of materials for parking lot paving–concrete or asphalt, the latter considered to be the more cost-efficient of the two. There are benefits and disadvantages to both of these materials, though more companies prefer using asphalt rather than concrete because it’s cheaper, more environment-friendly, and easier to maintain and manage.

How much should my budget be?

The budget is a make or break when it comes to any Winter Haven parking lot paving projects. Before you finally sign a contract, make sure you understand all that was quoted for the project–the materials, the equipment and the labor cost. Any professional company should not pad the initial quotation given to you without prior approval. You should be very clear about this rule.

What equipment do you use?

Paving parking lots should be done with high-grade and high-tech equipment. Make sure to check the equipment being used by the company you plan to hire. Some companies do manual asphalt paving. Though this is very laudable, it can cost quite a few more bucks in terms of labor cost. It is also slower than using high quality equipment.

What is your post-service policy?

It is always important that a company also provides additional service even after it has already completed the contract. What happens when you still found a crack even after the parking lot has already been paved? Surely, you should not be charged for any fee, especially if you noticed it just a few days after the project has been completed, right? Clear this stuff with the company before you commit to the company.

How do I maintain my new parking lot?

You may have some ideas how to properly maintain your parking lot, but it might also help if you talk with the company that did the paving or the repaving. They may have some suggestions and tips to maintaining your parking lot. They may also offer an affordable scheduled maintenance check up to ensure your parking lots won’t suffer from cracks, potholes, etc.

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