How to Properly Maintain Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Having a good Plant City parking lot paving is great for you business. It looks great, and it gives your customers the convenience of parking right at your shop without having to waste time looking for alternate parking options just to shop at your store. However, some shop owners make the mistake of assuming that parking lot paving is indestructible, and requires very little maintenance.

Having a poorly maintained parking lot paving can result in damage that may be very expensive to reverse, or worse, having to replace the entire thing. Listed below are the proper steps that you can take to properly maintain your parking lot paving.

A simple sweeping can go a long way

A simple daily sweeping of your parking lot paving can go a long way in the maintenance of your parking lot. Throughout the course of a typical work day, debris can build up on your parking lot. Trash, leaves, and rocks, all of these can end up accumulating on your lot. Sweeping the paving helps by maintaining the cleanliness of your parking lot which looks more appealing to customers, and prevents the debris from accumulating in the drainage of the lot. If your drainage is compromised by stray bits of debris, water can pool on your paving and damage the foundation of the asphalt, causing it to crack.


As mentioned before, having a faulty drainage system can result in some pretty significant damage to your parking lot paving. In addition to looking unsightly, it can mask hazards, and deteriorate the stability of your parking lot.

Patch up those cracks

One of the first signs of damage to lot paving is cracks. Even if it’s something as small as a weed poking out of a tiny crack in the paving, it’s important to keep an eye out for all of these and fill them in. Weeds can push their way further up the surface, widening the cracks and making the damage even worse. All cracks, whether big or small, must be treated with the same sense of urgency.

Seal your paving

It is recommended to resurface your parking lot paving every 2 to 4 years, depending on the amount of wear and tear and traffic it gets. Sealcoating your paving slows down any natural deterioration of your parking lot paving, and stops water and debris from doing any more additional damage .

As much as possible, try to do a regular inspection on your Plant City parking lot paving to catch these issues before they escalate into a bigger and more costly problem.

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