The Problems With Sealcoating Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving At Season’s End

If you are really careful with your Lakeland parking lot paving, you should make it a point to apply sealcoating on it before the peak period. What’s the peak period, you ask? It’s that point when there is enough time for the sealcoating applied to get dry completely, so it can run its task of protecting the surface pavement.

While most businesses ask a pavement company to apply sealcoating on their parking lots or driveways before the winter season starts, what they don’t know is that there’s a specific period to when the application will be more successful. Although it is not unheard of to apply a sealcoat at the end of autumn, the success rate will all depend on the company’s expertise of applying this protective material.

Every end of summer or autumn, just before the first snowflake falls, frantic customers would call the company hotline to ask whether it’s still possible to apply sealcoating on their pavements. While it’s admirable that they want to protect the pavement from the harsh realities of the cold weather, the timing could be problematic.

Professionals must always be cautious when and if they decide to apply sealcoating on a pavement when the conditions are questionable. For a sealcoating job to be successful, the surface must have enough time to dry completely. Remember, sealcoating is in liquid form and only the UV rays from the sun can help it harden and dry completely. The more it is exposed to the sun, the faster the drying process will be.

During late autumn, when most clients would frantically call Lakeland parking lot paving companies to have their pavements sealcoated, the material will dry a lot slower because of the minimal exposure to sunlight. The cooler temperature during the fall season does not help as well. Some companies prefer to only apply sealcoating when the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They also want for the sealcoating to be exposed to that level of temperature until it completely dries.

That is why there are a number of companies that reject applying sealcoating when the days turn colder. Only really true experts with advanced technology can apply sealcoating during the end of the fall season. As a homeowner and a businessman, if you’re truly concerned about the durability of your pavement, it is wiser to call the company ahead of time (preferably during the summer season), so you are assured your pavement can survive the colder months.

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