Preventive Maintenance For Asphalt Pavements

When it comes to Lakeland parking lot paving, a lot of people are always afraid that it means high costs and a halt in the business operations. After all, where can customers park their cars while the parking lot is being repaved?

Thankfully, there are measures you can take to avoid getting to that point. Just as you repaint your house and change the engine oil of your cars, you should also do a little preventive maintenance on your Lakeland parking lot paving.

These preventive measures are defined as activities that correct the minor deficiencies of a pavement that is still in good condition. These measures can extend the life of a pavement by protecting the overall structure.

Drainage maintenance

Water is the main enemy of your asphalt pavement. Everything can come disintegrate when water becomes a problem. It can weaken the base of your pavement and it can create cracks and potholes when the pressure becomes too much for the pavement.

Crack seals

Once you start to see cracks on your Lakeland parking lot paving, it’s time to call the preventive maintenance guys. They can apply a heated highly polymer-modified asphalt to fill and seal the cracks. This can help prevent water intrusion and therefore, boosts the support for the asphalt pavement’s base. Crack seals is one of the most cost-effective preventive maintenance measures, along with chip sealing and asphalt surfacing.

Fog seals

Fog seals act as a waterproof surface on top of your asphalt pavement. It uses a diluted water-based asphalt emulsion that is sprayed on the surface. As the water evaporates, it leaves enough asphalt to fill the tiny cracks on the pavement.

Chip seals or seal coats

Liquid asphalt, either emulsified, hot applied, or cutback, is applied on the surface and then followed by one layer of aggregates. This asphalt fills in any cracks on the surface. It is also a great waterproof layer for the surface, so that water won’t get easily into any tiny cracks that might appear on the pavement. The aggregate adds another layer of protection.

Slurry seals

The asphalt emulsion is mixed with fine aggregate and other additives to be applied to the layer. This can fill in cracks, too, as well as protect the surface from moisture and exposure to the sun. For drivers, they will notice that pavements with slurry seals are more skid resistant.

Micro surfacing

This comes close to slurry seals, except that it uses a polymer-modified asphalt, high-quality fine aggregates, and special chemicals. If you want a thicker layer, this is the quickest method to do so.

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