Potholes in Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Potholes are a familiar sight to many of us when spring rolls around. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the highways and roads, or on our Winter Haven parking lot paving. Winter is never kind to asphalt paving, and it’s easy enough to see why.

Water seeps into cracks found on the surface of our parking lot surfaces, and freeze when winter comes. When the warmer weather arrives, the ice thaws out, resulting in an expanding and collapsing action that can seriously hurt your parking lot paving.

This is a brief overview of what your paving might look like: cracks that haven’t been sealed or filled before the colder season have expanded, and minor depressions have turned into full-blown potholes. As explained before, potholes are a result of the freezing and thawing action that occurs beneath the surface of your parking lot paving. A pothole looks like a carved out hollow found on the surface of your paving.

When water gets into your paving and freezes, it expands the area around it, which eventually causes its surroundings to weaken. When the water melts, the paving contracts, leaving a gap where the ice used to be, and inviting more water to seep into the paving. If this process happens enough times, the foundation of the paving can be severely weakened, resulting in more cracking.

This cracking allows more substances to make their way into your paving, resulting in more damage. If you combine this process with the heavy traffic load that your parking lot is expected to handle, the weakened foundation can eventually break down because of the heavy load, resulting in a pothole.

No business owner wants to see potholes in their business’ parking lot paving. It looks unsightly, gives off the air on unprofessionalism, and is ultimately, bad for business. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to prevent potholes from occuring in your parking lot paving. Once you start to see cracks forming on the surface of your paving, these have to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Crack filling and crack sealing can be performed on these, depending on the size of the cracks. Cracks allow water to get into your paving, which can eventually result in potholes, so as long as you repair the cracks as early as possible, you minimize the occurrence of potholes forming on your paving.

Make sure that you have a proper drainage system installed into your Winter Haven parking lot paving as well. As long as water is being properly drained off your parking lot surface, it doesn’t have the chance to seep into any cracks you might have missed on the surface of your parking lot.

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