Where Are Potholes On Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Coming From?

As you’re driving around roads, you may be wondering where these potholes on the Winter Haven parking lot paving are coming from? Yes, they even appear on parking lots and driveways, which don’t get as much vehicle traffic as roads and highways and expressways. This is a good question and there are a lot of people to blame for this—the contractor, specifically. But the truth is, the problem may not be anyone’s fault after all. There are environmental factors at play here that we, as a people, don’t have a control over.

Even the best pavement experts and contractors in the world may not have a lasting solution to the problem of… water. Essentially, potholes appear when water gets inside and under the pavement structure. Since water naturally expands and contracts, depending on the weather, the asphalt weakens and the structure will change or get damaged. Just imagine how water changes its shape when it freezes or melts. The more this natural occurrence happens, the weaker the asphalt pavement gets.

There is no real solution to this issue because the changes in water happens as naturally as you and I breathe air. In colder temperatures, there are more freeze and thaw cycles, which then leads to the appearance of potholes pretty rapidly. If you’re living in a coastal area, you might notice that the roads and highways in your place have potholes all the time. The water is near your area and the freezing and thawing cycles are more erratic because of the weather coming off the coast.

All of these problems can be solved with proper maintenance of the asphalt pavement, of course. By simply checking the pavements for cracks and potholes every so often, you can minimize the structural damage because repairs and replacements will be made almost immediately. These problems become major when we don’t think on our feet and simply let these issues be blown out of proportion. Every pavement problem starts with a single and small pothole. If they can get the attention they need, repairs will be done and the problem will be nipped in the bud.

Of course, you can do all of these with the help of your pavement contractor. All you have to do is ask the contractor for a scheduled maintenance, so that they will handle every pavement problem that might come your way regarding your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

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