Porous Asphalt for Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Porous asphalt for your Winter Haven parking lot paving is well-known for its environmentally-friendly properties. What makes its design unique is the fact that is allows for water on the surface to safely drain away without damaging the asphalt. It is a very useful way of managing stormwater, and can help reduce flooding within the area. Because of its environmentally conscious approach and sustainability, more business owners are considering porous asphalt for their parking lot paving needs.

Porous asphalt is designed to be very simple, yet efficient in its water management. Simply put, the design of porous asphalt provides surface water with a channel to go through. This usually takes the form of an open-graded stone bed. Porous asphalt allows the water to pass through the asphalt and into the stone bed. As it passes through the stone bed, it then enters the soil underneath naturally. The entire setup has to be designed so that the water never rises to the asphalt.

Additionally, any toxins and chemicals found on the surface of the asphalt gets swept along with the water and drained naturally through the stone bed and into the soil layer.

The unique nature of porous asphalt doesn’t mean that it is inferior in terms of quality compared to regular asphalt. Porous can last up to twenty years with regular maintenance before showing signs of damage like cracks and potholes. It is very durable material, and because of its water draining properties, you don’t have to worry about the issue of water getting into the cracks found on the surface of regular asphalt paving.

There are very little visual differences between porous asphalt and the regular kind. While definitely coarser than regular asphalt, people generally rarely notice the difference, so you don’t miss out on the visual appeal and impact provided by an asphalt parking lot.

Porous is also popular because of its cost effectiveness in other areas of the installation process, despite the stone-bed layer being a more expensive factor of the entire procedure. Because of its efficiency in draining stormwater, there is no need to install a stormwater management solution, which can save you money. It doesn’t require any special tools, materials, or procedures either. The mix used for porous asphalt can be prepared by many asphalt plants, and its installation process is no different from the regular asphalt kind.

Overall, there are many advantages to choosing porous asphalt as the type of asphalt paving for your Winter Haven parking lot paving. It is cost effective, environmentally responsible, and provides a solution for draining storm water that will definitely be good for your business in the long run.

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