Plant City Parking Lot Paving: Safety Precautions In A School Parking Lot

If mall managers are taking precautions in their Plant City parking lot paving, can you imagine what kind of safety measures school principals are putting in place to ensure that the kids are safe in school parking lots?

Since schools are like second homes to our children, principals, teachers, and even security personnel act as second parents to these kids.

It’s not only to the interest of the children and the parents that school administrations are making sure the parking lot is safe, but it’s also a personal matter to the school management.

When the children were enrolled in the school, the administration, in effect, promised parents that they are going to be safe during the time they spend in their schools. Unfortunately, accidents happen and believe it or not, the worst accidents have happened in school parking lots.

Meeting With Parents and Guardians

The school administration should make it a point to meet with parents and guardians of the children. During the meeting, the safety of the parking lot should be raised. The concerns of the parents must be addressed and the school management must answer how they plan to ensure the safety of the children.

This is also the time when the school administration can discuss the safety measures being put in place in the school parking lot. It is important to include the security personnel tasked to make the parking lot safe for children and their parents.

The parents should understand that safety precautions were being taken to make sure that their kids are safe while in school. This includes a traffic scheme in the parking lot that does not allow drivers to go over the set speed limit.

If there are any concerns about this, the issues should be raised during the meeting and the parents, when dropping off the kids at school, should not argue with the security personnel tasked to monitor the speed of the car.

Putting Warning Signs and Traffic Symbols

Just like any road or street, the school parking lot must also have parking signs and traffic symbols. This includes putting up signs where the drop off points are, the parking space for disabled people, stop signs, and pedestrian lanes.

The school administration should regularly check that the signages can still be clearly read and understood. The security personnel, for their part, should implement the traffic rules that were agreed upon during the meeting.

You should also ensure that the traffic signs and symbols are being followed by the drivers. The car drivers must not argue with security personnel, especially if the reason is for the safety of the children.

Implement a Buddy System

Children should not be allowed to cross the roads of the Plant City parking lot paving without being accompanied by a guardian or a parent.

If the parent or guardian isn’t available to pick them up, the school administration should be properly warned of the situation. The school will be allowed to appoint a buddy for the kids so that he can be dropped off to a meeting place where prior transportation has been arranged.

The security personnel should be very strict about this rule because many times, accidents happen when kids are allowed to do as they please.

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