Plant City Parking Lot Paving: Reasons to Choose Asphalt Over Concrete

Once you are ready to have a Plant City parking lot paving, it’s time to look at your choices: concrete or asphalt. There are only two options to choose from, but your pick will determine the longevity, smoothness, and durability of your parking lot pavement. Although both materials have their own strengths and weaknesses, major players in the industry point out to the cost-efficiency of asphalt.

Quick Installation and Lower Cost

Asphalt is lower in cost because most of it is recycled from old asphalt. Asphalt binders and aggregates are cheaper compared to the ones used for cement. If you choose asphalt, your parking lot will be ready in two days (depending on the size of the property but a major area can be opened in a couple of days). The same cannot be said for a concrete parking lot. It takes days before the cement on a concrete pavement dries up whereas asphalt only needs a couple of days to set in.

If you’re running a business and closing a huge chunk of the parking lot, it’s important to have it back in operation again, right? Asphalt is your only way to do that.


Asphalt is a green technology because it is recyclable. Do you know that you can have your pavement made with 90% recyclable asphalt? You need binders and aggregates to make the asphalt durable once more, but the impact on the environment is reduced when materials are recycled. If you already have an existing asphalt concrete, a reputable Plant City parking lot paving company can grind up the old asphalt road or pavement and use the materials to make a new one.

Certain types of asphalt such as the porous or permeable asphalt that allows water to seep into the ground below. This helps with water drainage. With concrete, the excess water must be drained off using a drainage system. This is costlier than using the right asphalt materials to help drain excess water.


With the right maintenance, asphalt can last for 20 or more years without any major repairs or replacements. It does require preventive maintenance, but this is needed for all kinds of pavement, concrete especially. If you have to replace the asphalt, it’s usually only the top layer that needs repaving. Repairing or replacing the top layer is inexpensive. The sub-base and middle layers are considered permanent structures.

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