Why Is Plant City Parking Lot Paving Essential To School?

Winter Haven parking lot pavingOnce, while we were browsing through television channels, a news came up that completely surprised and broke our hearts. A child was killed in a parking lot accident in a private school. How could this happen? How can an innocent child be killed in a school, his second home? The answer probably lies in two reasons: one, that the driver was reckless; and two, that there were no proper signages in the school’s Plant City parking lot paving.

Not many know and realize how important parking lot signages are. It tells a lot about how callous and indifferent we have become not to know that signs and symbols still make up most of our lives. In the incident described above, the driver apparently pushed on the gas pedal so hard when she was backing down and she didn’t realize she was in a school parking lot.

The kid crossed the parking lot and passed at the back of the car. Although the driver tried to press on the brakes, the tires skidded, and the car crushed the kid to the ground. It was a freak accident, yes, but an accident nonetheless that could have been avoided. If only there were signs… if only the pavement was well-paved… none of that should have happened.

Schools, therefore, have a primary responsibility to ensure that every nook and cranny of their place is safe. Even if they think people are extra careful in schools because of the children, there should still be a constant reminder for everyone to slow down and to watch where they are going because there are children who may inadvertently walk or run the wrong way.

That accident could have been avoided if only there was a big sign on that parking lot that reminds the drivers to slow down because it’s a school zone. That’s why quality pavement and the right road signs are essential to every establishment, especially for schools. It tells a person where to go and what to avoid, as well as reminds drivers that it is a school zone and there should be special attention given to where they are passing by as children can just zoom in and out of their line of sight.

So, if you have children in school, better make the proposal to the school administration to give priority to constructing a quality Plant City parking lot paving that ensures the safety of everyone.

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