How Is Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Affected By Street Parties

Street parties can be fun and all, but it can also be stressing and difficult to handle if it’s being done on your Plant City parking lot paving. Can you even begin to imagine how rowdy a street party is? The number one reason why some parking lot owners don’t want to be involved in such parties is because of the amount of stress their pavements will suffer from the people and vehicles passing on it.

Garbage and waste

Can you imagine the amount of waste any street party will generate? Streamers, banners, pen lights, candy wrappers, softdrink cans—these are just some of the things we can expect to see thrown and littered around the parking space after the party is over. Though this would not directly affect the durability and the performance of the pavement in years to come, it’s annoying as a pavement owner to fix all of these things because these are supposed to be a non-issue already. Most street party organizers are clear with their partygoers to put their waste in the proper garbage bins.

Heavy foot and vehicle traffic

Not only will there be foot traffic (and lots of it) during the street party, but vehicles will be parked on your pavement for an extended period of time. Can you imagine all the dirt, grime, and chemicals that will be coming from these vehicles and pouring all over your pavement? Your parking lot will suffer immensely from the harsh chemicals coming from vehicles parked there. The next day, you would have to deep clean every surface and crevice of your pavement to make sure that no oil or water will seep into the pavement layers below the surface.

Rowdy partygoers

The truth is, one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to rent out a parking lot for a street party or concert is because the attendees can be rowdy. When they are drunk and in the mood for a party attitude, they might unintentionally damage your pavement. They may stand or sit on places that they should not and chip a part of the pavement. That will cost a lot of money to fix the next day. Rowdy partygoers can cause a lot of problems and issues after the party or concert is done, and that’s why it’s always more manageable for parking lots to remain as they are and not to be used for events and such.

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