How To Plan Ahead For Your Pavement Budget

It’s never cheap to have your Winter Haven parking lot paving maintained or repaired. The cost can skyrocket to thousands of dollars. And if you are not careful enough, you may even have to repave the whole parking lot or driveway. That will cost even more.

That is why it’s important that you plan ahead. You have to set aside a budget for the repair and maintenance of the parking lot, so you won’t be surprised at the receipt once it arrives on your desk. Remember that it is easy enough to anticipate what your parking lot paving needs. After all, there are tell-tale signs that it already requires to be repaired, repaved, or undergo regular maintenance.

Here are some tips on how to save money for the pavement problems that lie ahead:

Set money aside for major restoration

Every 10 years or so, your pavement will require major restoration or repavement. As a business, you have to set aside a specific budget for this from your income. What you can do is to make this a part of your monthly expenses. Just set aside the money in one account, and forget you ever have this money. It’s not to be used for emergency because a pavement restoration is no cheap project.

Most of the time, the major restoration happens only on the well-travelled areas of the pavement. If your pavement is well-maintained, you may not have to restore the whole thing. That is why maintenance and regular check-ups are very essential to the well-being of your pavement.

Phase the repairs over a two-year window

Repairs of Winter Haven parking lot paving can interrupt the flow of business operations. They can even annoy customers who are used to going to your business’ building. If you don’t want to shut down operations (and it’s not really advisable to do that), then you should schedule the repairs and maintenance over a year- or two-year window. That will keep the repairs on one small section of the pavement while the other sections will still be operational. It will move to the other parts little by little until everything is covered.

Plan for preventive maintenance

That 10-year major restoration is mostly required for all pavements to keep them in good working conditions for years and years to come. However, if you don’t maintain your pavements well, it might be that you’ll see cracks and huge potholes as early as its first five years. If you are not careful with it, that 10th-year schedule might just shorten to five or less.

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