Paving 101: How Sealcoating Works For Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

When your Haines City parking lot paving accumulates a lot of damage because of factors such as traffic load and the climate, it may be time to do some paving maintenance. One of the processes for paving maintenance is sealcoating. To help you understand this process and how it benefits your parking lot paving, here is a general overview of what it is, and how it works.

Sealcoating is the process of applying a layer of coating on to the surface of your asphalt. This provides protection for your paving against damaging elements such as oil, the climate, and water. By regularly applying sealcoating onto your asphalt, you can extend your paving’s lifespan. It also prevents skidding during wet weather, and stops dust from building up because it hardens the surface’s gravel.

When sealcoating is performed on your paving, there are a number of steps carried out to guarantee that your asphalt is coated properly. First, the site is blocked off to prevent any bystanders and civilian drivers from accidentally interfering with the construction site. The area is then cleaned to remove any debris which might prevent the coating to properly bond with the asphalt.

The site is then surveyed for any cracks, which are then filled in with sealant. Afterwards, a mixture of asphalt and water is sprayed onto the surface, followed by a layer of gravel. The coating is compacted into the asphalt and left to dry for a minimum of 12 hours up to 2 days. Once the site has properly dried, the area is then repainted and restriped. The site is swept for any loose gravel, and then reopened.

Sealcoating is important for your parking lot paving because it provides a layer of protection against the most common sources of damage to asphalt. Sealcoating must be done on a regular basis, depending on the amount of wear and tear that your paving faces. While sealcoating may be seen as an extra expense for some companies, it is important to see sealcoating as more of an investment.

It is significantly cheaper to pay for sealcoating every few years as this extends the lifespan of your paving, and are preventing a rehaul of your entire site, which will eventually cost you more. In addition to the practical side of sealcoating and how it extends your paving’s lifespan, a regular session of sealcoating gives your Haines City parking lot paving a clean finish and a fresh appearance which is great for your business.

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