Maximizing the Design of Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

One of the most important components of the commercial industry in the country is the existence of parking lots. Think about it. If we do not have parking lots, will customers even want to visit our stores and offices? If they don’t feel safe leaving their vehicles in the Winter Haven parking lot paving, are they going to visit your store again? Or, would they be satisfied with the kind of service and experience they got by patronizing your store?

Access to quality parking lots is a foundational need in commercial America. The existence of parking lots allows businesses to strive for their goals. They don’t have to worry about building a parking lot for their businesses if there is one that their customers can access. They don’t have to worry about how their customers will feel about the lack of parking lot in the building because they have the option to go to a paid parking garage.

But for parking lot owners and business owners who have their own parking lots, how can they maximize the space they can provide to their customers?


Always choose the 90-degree angle if you are going to design the layout of your parking lot. This angle allows for more space. Also, choose a lot that is rectangular rather than one with an irregular shape. When you have a rectangular-shaped parking lot, you can make the long sides of the lot parallel to each other. The perimeter of the lot can be allocated for vertical parking.


Some industries have code requirements on the number of parking spaces depending on what kind of business you run. They are stricter on larger businesses and institutions such as universities. But if you are running a small diner, they may even let you operate without a dedicated parking lot. The number of needed parking spaces is usually determined by the square footage of the facility.


How thick should the parking lot be? The thickness of the asphalt will depend on the weight of the vehicles that will pass on it. For example, if you will constantly have delivery trucks on your parking garage, then make sure it’s thick enough to handle the load. You should always go for a Winter Haven parking lot paving with the highest durability.

Create a flow for your Winter Haven parking lot paving. Make sure that the drivers know where they should go when they arrive. Put markings on the floor and signages, too, to guide the drivers.

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