Making The Most Out Of Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Investing in Haines City parking lot paving takes a lot of money and resources. In fact, many businesses prefer to simply let go of investing into a parking lot because they don’t have the money for it. They risk the ire of their customers and clients simply because they have not prepared enough to have their parking spaces paved. However, as a businessman, you should be able to realize that there are a lot of things you can do with a parking lot, and it will help act as a buffer to the expenses you shelled out for paving it with quality asphalt.

Here are some ideas that could turn this parking space into profit for you:

Food park

Every weekend, there’s a farmers’ market in Downtown Lakeland near Munn Park. This has become a tradition for many Lakeland residents—to troop to the farmers’ market and feast with friends and family on delicious and homemade pastries while listening to music. Instead of it always having to be in the same place, why don’t you offer your space for it? Or if that’s not possible, you can simply turn your parking lot into a food park when your establishment is close. You can rent it out to people who have no capital to rent an actual commercial space. Yours would be cheaper but it will also attract a lot of Lakeland residents and tourists.

Concert venue

One of the most popular uses of parking lots these days is to turn it into a concert venue. Every summer, there are music fests happening all over the world. Why don’t you turn your parking space into a concert venue, so people can troop to it to experience the local music scenery of Lakeland? You can rent it out to music festival organizers and they will be the one to take care of putting up all the equipment needed for the concert. That is, of course, if your parking space is large enough. If not, you can simply rent it out to local artists who want their voices heard.

Paid parking

In the morning, your parking lot will be a free space for your clients and customers. By the evening, you can profit from it by opening it up to people who need a safe place to leave their cars. You can charge by the hour or you can charge a flat fee. It’s really up to you. You simply have to hire a guard and a cashier or you can put up a machine that will give a ticket and receive the payment for the parking fee.

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