Major Advantages of Perpetual Pavement in Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Lakeland parking lot pavingThere is no reason for you not to check out what perpetual pavement has in store for your homes and businesses. Whether you have a driveway you need paved or a Lakeland parking lot paving that your business needs repaired, you should look into the benefits of investing in perpetual pavements.

Basically, perpetual pavements are made up of asphalt and a mixture of an “advanced, multi-layer paving design process” that can extend the life of a roadway, a parking lot, or a driveway. The concept of perpetual pavement is to allow these pavements to last in perpetuity.

The pavement design of a perpetual pavement starts with a strong and flexible bottom layer that can resist any pressure and tension caused by traffic. This stops cracks from forming on the surface layer and seeping right into the bottom layer. The intermediate layer completes the structural formation while the final layer is made up of rut-resistant asphalt mix.

The combination of all these elements make for a long-lasting and durable pavement structure. The advantages are:

Easy maintenance

Perpetual pavements are easy to maintain. Although there is a scheduled restoration, there is no need to remove the road structure when this is being done. It also keeps you from having to shell out a huge amount of money to restore or repair a part of the pavement that has been affected by whatever external factors. And because there is no need to disrupt foot or motor traffic, your business’ customers won’t be affected by any minor or major restoration of the perpetual pavement.


Using asphalt is friendly to the environment, especially because it can be recycled. Rather than further degrade the environment, used asphalt can be easily mixed in with new ones or with new aggregate, so it can be applied again.


When you do your research, you’ll find out that asphalt has a proven track record in terms of road safety. Since the asphalt pavement is smoother than other kinds of pavement like concrete, cars can pass safer and easier on it. It also as a strong visual presence as opposed to an unpaved road or a concrete pavement.


Because of its natural properties, asphalt has a better chance of resisting skid, preventing accidents from happening. While there are plenty of road accidents on many different surfaces, asphalt provides a good way of preventing cars from sliding down a slippery Lakeland parking lot paving.

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