Maintaining The Drainage System For Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

There are many reasons why a Winter Haven parking lot paving may deteriorate. One of the major reasons is the improper maintenance of the drainage system.

When a subsurface drainage system gets clogged or the pipes burst, water will either pool on the surface of the pavement or will seep into the base layer of the pavement.

Either of these two instances will damage the asphalt pavement. Areas of the parking lot or driveway can collapse and cracks and potholes will appear almost instantaneously.

The key to the longevity of an asphalt pavement is the proper maintenance of the drainage system. Here are some tips to remember:

Always use a drain guard

Your drainage should have a drain guard to protect it from fallen leaves, rocks, small stones, and other debris.

Make sure that the drain guard has fine holes so that smaller debris still won’t get into the pipes. Regularly clean the guard because it could also stop water from flowing into the drainage if it gets too clogged by debris.

Have proper garbage disposal

Unfortunately, if you don’t have trash cans surrounding your property, some of your customers may be inclined to throw their garbage on the pavement. The trash will eventually be washed away by rain or the wind will lead it to your drainage. Again, your drainage guard and filter could get clogged with small debris.

Look for signs of trouble

Look for signs of problems regularly. Check your pavement and your drainage for signs of deterioration. There will always be early signals that an impending major issue is coming.

Make it a habit to walk around your parking lot (or let an employee do it) to check for signs of cracks, potholes, alligator lines, etc. As for your drainage, see to it that the drainage guard is cleaned regularly and that water is flowing without any signs of clogging.

Let professionals do the work

But once there is a problem, call the professionals and let them do the work. Although maintaining the health of the pavement and the drainage can be done by yourself, the buck stops there.

When there is a major problem and there is a need for intervention, call your paving contractor and let him handle the work.

This job is for the skilled worker who is not only knowledgeable about asphalt pavements and drainage system but is trained and educated to handle these problems.

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